Men and Women Are Wired Differently (cont.) – #3

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What do women want in a man?

#13. “A woman wants a man who is educated, has ambition and wealth, is respected, has some kind of status, is tall and strong, dominant, assertive, has strong facial features and a good sense of humor (which shows intelligence, novelty, and flexibility), and willing to make a commitment.” 15

When I asked my women friends to tell me what they wanted in a man, they came up with quite a different list. The want a man who is kind, caring, honest, understanding, thoughtful, clean, handy, old-fashioned, a gentleman, and a good dresser.

#14. “A man will never be able to love a woman like she wants him to love her.  16  “A man loves differently than a woman does. A man wants respect and to him love is respect. 17

A man shows that he loves a woman by providing for her, protecting her, and doing things for her. A woman needs to learn to recognize that these are the signs that he loves her. She needs to notice what he does and understand that he is doing it for her. He is showing her he loves her when he offers to help her. A woman needs to allow a man to help her whenever he offers.

Can you let (allow) a man help you? Do you step aside when he offers to do something for you and let him do it? It will improve your relationship when you do this.

#15. “A man wants to make a woman happy and if he thinks he cannot make her happy then he will leave her alone.” 18

I was surprised to hear Carlos say this but I am now convinced that this is definitely true.

Another relationship book I found helpful is Steve Harvey’s, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man. It is easy to read, and very enjoyable. The following two statements are from Harvey:

“A woman who genuinely wants to be in a committed relationship… must be able to        understand what drives a man, what motivates him, and how he loves. If she does not understand these things, then she will be vulnerable to his deception and to the games that he plays. . .The game a man plays is to do whatever it takes to get the woman he        approaches to sleep with him.” 19

Again, what can I say? Everybody knows these are true. To help a woman understand a man is the reason I included the messages from Cavallo and Harvey’s books.