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Welcome to my home on the internet as I tell about my books, “Learning to Dance in the Rain II – Surviving Grief, Internet Dating and Romance Scams” which was recently released in Feb. 2021.
This is a second edition, updated and enlarged of my first book, “Learning to Dance in the Rain – Dealing with Grief, Moving On and Online Dating,” which was published December 19, 2018.

In the book I share my tragic story of personal loss when my husband of fifty years died suddenly as he was being treated for pneumonia. I was catapulted into the unknown, feeling much like Humpty Dumpty as my world came crashing down and lay in pieces at my feet. Unlike the Nursery Rhyme, I was able to pick up the pieces of my life, learn how to navigate grief, and rebuild my life. Actually I assessed my options for my future, decided what I wanted it to be like, and set to work creating a new singles lifestyle for myself.

I wrote my books to share strategies for navigating grief, and helping other widows and widowers to understand why it is important to grieve. To grieve is to heal, and healing is what we must do. Our loved ones would want us to go on with living our lives. They would not want us to be sad all the time or to simply “give up.” Yes it is a struggle, but at some point we need to “move on” with our lives. Reassessing my options for the future, I made a bucket list of things I would like to do before my life is over, and I decided that two had more fun than one.

The second part of my book has to do with self-improvement and goal-setting to prepare us for proceeding into the future. I chose in my seventies to get back into the world of dating, and I had a lot of fun exploring internet dating and a full social life. I developed strategies for a successful internet dating experience as I chatted with about 250 men online, met 50 of them, was swindled by one of them, lost my heart to a couple, and finally met Mr. Right.

My book was written to raise awareness of the tremendous loss senior singles have lost to these criminals and, because I learned the hard way, I wanted to educate others so they could avoid the humiliation and loss of money that I endured.

Please click on the “Buy” button below, sign up for my newsletter, and join me in helping to eradicate the these crooks from our world by spreading the word, DO NOT GIVE MONEY TO SOMEONE YOU HAVE ONLY MET ON THE INTERNET!!!! and remember to keep your personal and financial affairs to yourself (someone you know very well should be the one to advise you, if you need help.

NOTE: In 2019 romance scams became the costliest of all scams reported to the Federal Trade Commission – over $475M was lost by people just like me who really cannot afford to lose it! Remember to help the elderly, by sharing the information in my book.”the Inheritance you save may be your own!”

Learning to Dance in the Rain II By Shelby Wagner (xlibris.com)