Be sure to look for “Learning to Dance in the Rain II – surviving Grief, Internet Dating and Romance Scams” in Sunday, May 16th edition of The New York Times Book Review.


Meet the Author event at a street festival Amelia Island FL
Meet the Author event at a street festival Amelia Island FL

Hi, Welcome to my website. I am Shelby Wagner, and I would like to introduce you to the second edition of my book, “Learning to Dance in the Rain II” Subtitle: “Surviving Grief, Internet Dating and Romance Scams”

i always thought that someday I would write a book and now someday has arrived.

I wrote a play when I was in the 4th grade, and I asked for a diary for Christmas that year year so I could record my thoughts and the evens of my life. I wasn’t vey consistent at the time, but it was fun for me and very interesting to go back and see what I wrote back them

As I grew up, my friends and I would often play school and I was always the teacher. I guess I was a “control freak” even at a young age. I was surprised as a senior in high school when I was accepted as a music major at Michigan State University, Central Michigan University and Oakland University. I must have had an inferiority conplex because I thought I wasn’t good enough even though I was already accompanying children choirs and high school choir rehearsals, and at 16 became the church organist.

I chose Oakland University because I could save money by living at home and, although the plan was for this brand new extension of MSU to have a music program, that was not to be for a few years into the future. I graduated with a BA in Elementary Education and began teaching first grade upon graduation. Writing took a back seat until I retired. Finally, realizing my dream after retiring and becoming a widow some fifty years later.

I taught in the classroom for 23 years, half of that was as a music teacher. Additionally, I continued to play the organ at my church and obtained my Bachelor of Music degree from Oakland in 1987. I currently play piano duets with a fried for seniors and community events, and am a member f the Sturgis Writers’s Mill in Southwest MI.

Other things Shelby likes to do.

Book Signing, Barnes and Noble, Battle Creek, MI
Five Lakes Coffee, Sturgis,
The setting for our Concert in January 2020. Four Hands on one keyboard with Linda.
Piano Duets at Senior Center St. Patrick's Day, 2019
Piano Duets at Senior Center St. Patrick’s Day, 2018