Hi, I am Shelby Wagner, and I'm going to tell you about my book.
Hi, I am Shelby Wagner, and I am here to talk about my book
Coming Soon! — A new expanded and updated version of “Learning to Dance in the Rain”  in November! Pre- orders at Amazon.com will be taken starting next week.

Due to popular demand, I have added more helpful and vital information to my first edition which was published in December 2018. The story begins with my own sudden personal loss of my husband of fifty years, and I take my readers on my journey through the grieving process in order to help inspire those who are grieving to get through this tragic period of life so they can heal and return to living a balanced and happy life again. 

I know you think you will will never heal, maybe you don’t want to heal, but it is true that time, I won’t say heals, but it does make things better. I offer self-help activities and exercises to get you thinking about learning to live a new life and I am here to offer my help and support if you need someone to talk with.

I also suggest soul-searching questions to help readers re-discover themselves and what they might like to do with the rest of their lives. (I like to say “when you grow up”), for a little levity. Anyway my exercises will help to you to make plans for your your future and figure out how to get there.

One of my goals was learning to line dance, and another was to try online dating. I share some of those experiences and vital information to help readers avoid becoming victims of romance scammers. Thousands of unsuspecting and vulnerable seniors are being conned into losing their life savings. ($475M in 2019 was lost) and I am on a mission to stop these criminals in their tracks by giving you the education to help stop it. You won’t want to miss this important education and save yourself and a friend from possible physical, emotional and financial harm.     

T(he short, original version is still available on the links at Amazon and Barnes and Nobles and anywhere books are sold.

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