Looking for love? Before you get started with online dating, you should read this award-winning book!

“Learning to Dance in the Rain II – Surviving Grief, Internet Dating and Romance Scams” is the award-winning Memoir/Self-Help book by author, Shelby Wagner. It is Wagner’s true and personal story and contains vital and useful information about recognizing and thwarting romance scammers and navigating grief which everyone needs to know. It was written to raise awareness of the huge problem of romance scams which in 2019 became the costliest of all scams ever reported to the FTC. $475,000,000 was lost that year says the FBI. The narrative of the author’s loss of her husband suddenly just before their 50th wedding anniversary is endearing and captivating. Readers report they “couldn’t put it down.” The book was written to help others thwart scammers so they would not have to experience the humiliation and challenges which she faced. You won’t want to miss her story and learn the advice she learned the hard way. Get your copy now online at amazon.com; walmart.com; barnesandnoble.com or order it at your favorite bookstore and see why this memoir/self-help book has currently won nine coveted book awards.

An Award-Winning Memoir/Self-Help Book You won’t want to miss. The inheritance you save may be your own…

Learning to Dance in the Rain  II

Surviving Grief,  Internet Dating and Romance Scams
by Shelby Wagner 

Please click on the Awards Button to learn about the awards this book has been garnering because of its literary excellence and unusual collection of topics. Released January 27, 2021, Available in paperback, eBook, hardcover, and audible formats.

 Everyone wants to find love. But what happens when the one you love dies? Or you discover he or she is a fraud, only after your money? 

To lose someone we love is devastating, and to be deceived by a false lover is doubly painful. 
Author, Shelby Wagner, has “been there.” Learn her insights and strategies for navigating grief, safely navigating internet dating websites, senior dating, and thwarting romance scammers. This memoir/self-help resource will help you avoid heartache and an empty bank account.

My new Third Edition is now available on amazon.com. My new second book will be coming out very soon.

Learning to Dance in the Rain 

Dealing with Grief,  
              Moving On and 
                      Online Dating


Shelby’s first book was released December 19, 2018, “Learning to Dance in the Rain – Dealing with Grief, Internet Dating and Romance Scams. The book is only available for $2.99 right from this website.