Wow! Look What I received recently…

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Good Day, Shelby!

I hope you’re doing very well in these fascinating times!

We received an endorsement of your published work and our firm, Hyperobject Industries, would like to review your material (Script/Screenplay) to see if we can collaborate on a film or TV/Movie series project based on your published material for this year – 2022. 

Following a comprehensive evaluation, our Film and Production team strongly recommends your published work for a possible film/tv/movie series adaptation, which can be accomplished through a script in this scenario. 

The screenplay you must submit must be in PDF format, written by an experienced and approved script writer, and submitted by January. If you do not have a script, we can recommend a reputable literary agency that can produce such material and meet the standards we maintain as well as the deadlines we set, as long as we have your permission to share your contact information and book title with them. Once your material has passed the final screening, you will be prepared to sign the contract. 

Your remarkable work deserves a prominent place on the silver screen, where it can have a lasting impact on millions of viewers and readers from all walks of life. We’re looking forward to working with you on this project, and we can’t wait to see the finished product on film.

Adam McKay

Founder and President of HyperObject Industries