Learning to Dance in the Rain II by Shelby Wagner

Everyone wants to love and be loved. But what happens when the one you love dies? Or you discover he/she is only after your money? When we are in love, life is fun and exciting. But when that love is lost, it is devastatingly painful. Author and educator, Shelby Wagner, has experienced both situations, and in her book, “Learning to Dance in the Rain II, ” she offers insights and strategies which will be beneficial to all mature singles who desire a change. Those who buy and read her book, are in for a treat and will benefit by learning the following: How to navigate grief so they can heal and return to a life of balance and well-being. How to manage negative thoughts so they can brush-aside depression. How to improve their self-image and rebuild their self-confidence. How to assess their options and create a plan of action for a fulfilling next chapter of life. How to make quality decisions and be more decisive. How to protect themselves and stay safe when meeting strangers. How to safely and successfully navigate senior dating, including internet dating. How to spot a scammer before losing their shirt/money or heart.
Author Shelby Wagner introduces her newly released book “

Are You Grieving after a Loss? Learn to Navigate Grief in this New Series on Grief. |Shelby Wagner|

Shelby and Linda play piano duet – Piano Man, by Billly Joel

Shelby and Linda play piano duet – Billy Joel’s New York State of Mind

Shelby and Linda play duet – the Beatles’ Yesterday

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