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Hello, Sorry it has been so long since my last post. A lot things have been happening. You can go to the Links page and scroll down to see the Podcasts that I have appeared as a Special Guest.

I love to talk and the hosts have encouraged me to do so. I am advocating safe internet dating websites, but you must be very careful of people you meet on other social media. Everyone I have chatted with on some of those sights has ended up asking me for money – a loan they say because they love me and I must trust them. Yep that is the #1 red flag of a romance scammer, a fraud after your money! It is not a loan! You will not get it back. Neither is it a charity donation! It is a multi-million-dollar-business and most of these frauds are from northern African countries – Ndigeria and Ghana in particular.

Read more in my new book, “Learning to Dance in the Rain II – Surviviny Grief, Internet Dating and R0mance Scams!”