K. Nicole Bent – the Oh Hell No! Podcast

Shelby Wagner was the guest speaker on the Oh Hell No Podcast with host and producer K. Nicole Bent.


Yes , you read that correctly, I was a guest on Nicole’s show and the audio can be heard on my I’m Shelby page. Please listen, I hope it will help those of you are grieving and those who desire to find love on internet dating sites.
Please buy my book and read it so you can help me in my mission to raise awareness of the big money losses to scammers on social media.

You may leave me a comment on the contact page and if you would like to chat with me for support of you in your grief, either from a loved one passing away or from those who have fallen prey to a scammer. I have been there done that and it helps to talk about it with someone who knows what your are going through.

Hello, Everyone

Hello, Sorry it has been so long since my last post. A lot things have been happening. You can go to the Links page and scroll down to see the Podcasts that I have appeared as a Special Guest.

I love to talk and the hosts have encouraged me to do so. I am advocating safe internet dating websites, but you must be very careful of people you meet on other social media. Everyone I have chatted with on some of those sights has ended up asking me for money – a loan they say because they love me and I must trust them. Yep that is the #1 red flag of a romance scammer, a fraud after your money! It is not a loan! You will not get it back. Neither is it a charity donation! It is a multi-million-dollar-business and most of these frauds are from northern African countries – Ndigeria and Ghana in particular.

Read more in my new book, “Learning to Dance in the Rain II – Surviviny Grief, Internet Dating and R0mance Scams!”

another new video


HI, I have been trying to do a personal welcome video to this website for months. I finally accepted the above and now you can meet me personally. Please take a look and I would really appreciate if you would subscribe to my channel on and sign up for my newsletters on the Contact Page. Thank you for listening and keep in touch!

Book has arrived!

Announcing I now have my new book in my hands for the first time. Although it says it was released Dec. 10, 2020, due to some technical errors I had them fix, and so it was finally released Feb. 26 (or so) and I finally received my copy today. It is so shiny and new and I am excited. It is available in all online bookstores and offline bookstore can order it for you. Paperback, eBook, Hardcover, and the Audio is in production and should be released soon. Yay! we are on the way.
Yes, you can order it today from the Buy Now button above. Please do me a favor, if you like the book (or if you don’t) please write a review on People don’t buy books unless others have read it and recommend it. 100 reviews are required, I have 3. please do read and share. Thannks

YouTube Video

“Be Inspired” host Erica Latrice interviews trailblazing author, Shelby Wagner


To love and be loved is something everyone wants, but what happens when the one you love dies?


Hey! [smile :>]! Yay! I made it to You-tube – 3 times in the past couple of weeks.  These are the three videos:
You-tube – Shelby Wagner,
the AuthorsShow
Beyond Confidence, “Unconventional Senior Years”

AND – there is a video with Michael Guberti on facebook. Wow! Hope you enjoy listening to me talk about my passion, internet dating and thwarting romance scammers! Please join me in my mission to raise awareness of this huge problem that is costing seniors and other singles a lot of money, not to mention the broken hearts along the way.