Men and Women Are Different #4

(Continues…) Cavallo – “Men are direct, saying exactly what they mean. . .” 5

I do not agree with this statement because I know men sometimes say the direct opposite of what they really mean just to test a woman’s reaction. Cavallo even contradicts his own statement later in this same e-Book, when he advises a woman to look at what a man does rather than what he says.

In later years, I learned that my husband had a different definition than I did for several words he used. Had I known this earlier, we could have avoided some of our misunderstandings. Perhaps this explains why there is so much misunderstanding in communication between the sexes.

I agree that women are often not direct, often only hinting at what they really want. There are several reasons why this happens.  They might be afraid of losing their man by disagreeing with him;  they might not want to hurt his feelings, or they might just want to avoid an argument.

Cavallo – “A man is his opinion and disrespecting his opinion is disrespecting him!” 6

I have come to realize that this statement could very well be true because it seems that recently several men I have been conversing with, ended our conversation rather abruptly after I expressed an opinion that was different from their own.

Cavallo – “ once a man has made up his mind about something, it is almost impossible for him to change it.”7

I have seen several incidents in the men’s dating site profiles a statement similar to:  “I am a liberal, and if you are not, please do not contact me.”

Cavallo – “Men have a stronger sense of self than women do.” 8

I agree that sometimes women appear to be wishy-washy. I know my husband expressed that he thought I was too “wishy-washy”. In most of those cases, I had no opinion and was offering him the opportunity of choice.
Sometimes, I know women can be overly concerned about what others are thinking about them and, therefore, are afraid of saying the wrong thing. Both men and women are sometimes insecure or have poor self-images.

Cavallo – “Men fall in love more quickly than women.”9

I was surprised by this statement and I think most women would be also. However, when we stop to remember that men are visual creatures who tend to pay more attention to the way the woman looks than to other details, it is easy to see that he can fall quickly for a beautiful looking woman.

A woman, on the other hand, while she may be attracted to a man’s physical appearance, she tends to study his personality to see how he acts so she can determine if he will meet her needs.

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