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HI, I have been trying to do a personal welcome video to this website for months. I finally accepted the above and now you can meet me personally. Please take a look and I would really appreciate if you would subscribe to my channel on and sign up for my newsletters on the Contact Page. Thank you for listening and keep in touch!

New Video

Announcing I now have my new book in my hands for the first time. Although it says it was released Dec. 10, 2020, due to some technical errors I had them fix, and so it was finally released Feb. 26 (or so) and I finally received my copy today. It is so shiny and new and I am excited. It is available in all online bookstores and offline bookstore can order it for you. Paperback, eBook, Hardcover, and the Audio is in production and should be released soon. Yay! we are on the way.
Yes, you can order it today from the Buy Now button above. Please do me a favor, if you like the book (or if you don’t) please write a review on People don’t buy books unless others have read it and recommend it. 100 reviews are required, I have 3. please do read and share. Thannks